King And Queen Of Wands

In a general reading, the Queen of Wands signifies a bold outlook to life. You will need to take the bull by the horns and get going. The Queen of Wands is the card you get when you want to travel to the highest peak in the world or if you want to do something daring and exciting. The Queen of Wands asks you to get your business in order. Make a list and check it twice. She’s an innovator and a manager. She may represent an aspect of yourself or someone that you know. You could have an important meeting with your boss that needs to be addressed. If you have any issues or grievances you should speak up.

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Description : A great amount of feminine energy is all around you. Interpretations Queen of Wands tarot card upright consists of anything that is extroverted in nature, but in a feminine way. For relationship situations, it heralds the happy moments found in parties and other social gatherings. That is, the two lovers get into a celebration mode with your friends or relatives.

The Seven of Wands suggests that it’s time to plant your feet firmly. If you are single or dating but afraid to fully commit, ask yourself the The combination with the Queen of Pentacles tells you that family needs to come first.

The Knight of Wands represents an immediate urge to act, eagerness, to do something about a situation, or adventure and travel. Wands stand for fire, our fiery energy, and the Knight of Wands is someone who wants to put that fire into movement and action. He wants to do, act, move forward, towards either a specific goal, or just for the sake of movement. This Knight might or might not have his actions serve to complete a project; he is not concerned about that right now. His concern is with getting things started.

And he is very good at that, for sure. If you get the Knight of Wands in your reading, it indicates your current restlessness, and your grand desire to get the ball rolling.

Knight of Wands

Being hasty, adventurous, energetic, charming, warm, exciting, fearless, confident, self-assured, hero, rebellious, brave, revolutionary, open minded, free spirit, sexy, warm, shameless flirt, hot tempered, travel, moving country, swept off your feet, finishing what you start, success, taking risks. In a general context, the Knight of Wands indicates that things are going better than you expected and any ventures you have taken on are likely to be more successful than you hoped.

You should be full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence and should be feeling fearless and brave when it appears in your Tarot reading. It tells you to take action and put your ideas and plans into motion. This Minor Arcana card signifies getting things done and finishing what you start.

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The Ten of Wands in Tarot stands for overextending, overwork, burdens, oppression, and struggle. When the Ten of Wands is upright in a Tarot reading, it signifies that you have been pushing yourself too hard. It is the time for you to cut back and lighten your load and perhaps even share some responsibilities. It is a sign that, for the sake of your health, you need to cut down on your duties and unending tasks.

You are like the figure on the Ten of Wands card who is trying to carry the ten poles and bent under the burden. You cannot see where you’re going and are only thinking of your responsibilities. This is the time to stop focusing narrowly in one area and find a balance in life by including other interests. When the Ten of Wands is reversed in a Tarot reading, it means you’re feeling crushed under the weight of your responsibilities.

Queen of Wands in Love and Relationships

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The Queen of Wands is a regal card. The first thing to be aware of is her throne, which is adorned with two lions. This harkens back to the days in the ancient world.

Meet the energetic, enigmatic and vibrant Queen of Wands. Queens are more concerned with the inner realm rather than the outer. Despite that, this Queen is very gregarious and sociable. Their secondary element is water that keeps them in touch with their emotions, meaning that the Queen of Wands is a little on the steamy side!

The Queen of Wands sits forward facing on her throne, her gaze slightly to the left. One foot peeps coquettishly from under her gown. She is dressed in gold with a silver cloak held at the neck by a fox-head clasp. In her left hand is a sunflower just like the ones in the Sun. In her right, she holds her staff.

Her throne has carved lions at the armrests. On the back of the throne are two more engraved lions and three sunflowers. Just in front of the Queen sits a black cat staring right at the viewer. The Queen of Wands is often found in a circle of friends.

The Queen of Wands

Now explore the personality of the Queen of Wands below. If she has turned up in your reading it means her energies have special meaning for you at this time. Who does she remind me of?

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The Knight of Wands rides an amber colored horse through the desert. This action is all about jumping before you think or believing you know more than you do. Uncontrollable feelings, desires and wishes also result from the Knight of Wands. His pale-yellow tunic and red flaming feather reminds me of the Fool. Pale yellow is the color associated with the Fool.

Both the Fool and the Knight of Wands, among six other cards, have red growth coming from their heads. We can also look at the difference between the Page of Wands and Knight of Wands in relation to red feathers. I believe this flaming red coming from his head and back indicate a take charge attitude and a person who rushes in before they think things through. Too much action can lead one into more trouble than they can get out of. We must remember that tarot symbolizes a journey. The Page of Wands grows into the Knight of Wands and the feathers represent that evolution.

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Like all fives in the tarot deck, the Five of Wands represents disagreement and conflict. This Minor Arcana card also indicates that a challenge must be met, and urges you to rise to the occasion. The Five of Wands depicts five men, each holding a large wand and waving it around wildly. The wands are brandished like swords as the men appear to be in direct conflict with each other.

Upon first glance, this suggests confrontation and discord. However, the wands are all either in the air or hitting one another — no wand is striking a person.

For example, if the outcome card is the 2 of Wands, we could deduce the following: the opening date from the first decan to the closing date from the third decan. You may have noticed how the Queen of Wands is aligned to two decans at.

All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Contact us. Queen of Wands as relationship outcome. I assume that this card means a woman who is powerful and charismatic on her own. The queen of wands is independent and doesn’t need anyone else. I was just wondering how others felt about this. I always have had the most difficulties with the court cards. Sometimes this card comes up when a woman is in a guy’s “friend zone. Now I’m curious about how others have come to see this card.

I’m still trying to get the hang of court cards myself. I get basically the same feeling from the Queen of Wands. The last few times I’ve had it come up in readings, one idea has stuck out to me in particular- her charisma, independence, and willingness to get out there and take what she wants comes from being deeply in tune with herself and comfortable with her inner power.

And since she’s a Queen, she wants to share the wealth, so she supports and encourages others to be the best they can be.

Monday Card: Queen of Wands reversed

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