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Post a Comment Your comments brighten my day! Staffordshire Dogs. TGIF readers! It’s been a hectic few weeks over here and I’m excited for a low key weekend! I’m also super excited for today’s post: Foo Dogs vs. The post features an antique pair on the mantle and a contemporary pair on the dining room tablescape.

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Staffordshire Pottery Figures are earthenware figures made in England, mainly in the county of Staffordshire, but also in other counties and in Scotland. The broadest use of the term would include all earthenware figures made circa to The period we cover in our modest introduction to these fascinating objects is from onwards. Choice of subject matter evolved in response to popular taste.

Two subjects remained popular throughout the entire period – lions and dogs.

To know if a piece is authentic or not, a collector should know that the interior surface was smooth. Later figures, produced by the slip-casting technique, have.

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Staffordshire Dogs Wrapping Paper

There is something utterly irresistible about antique Staffordshire figures. Perhaps what contributes to their charm is the fact that no two figures are alike. All you can do is hold the figure and appreciate its unique warmth and beauty. This is what made us collectors, albeit modest, of antique Staffordshire figures.

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Look for videos in various articles. Just click on the arrow to play. Staffordshire dogs have become one of the most popular pieces of collectible ceramics in recent years.

Staffordshire dog figurine

Published: June 1, Molded porcelain figures were mass-produced in late Nineteenth Century England, at a time when the production techniques of the Industrial Revolution combined with the decorative style of Victorian England. The middle class became the primary market for reasonably priced Staffordshire dogs. Different breeds, sizes and styles were produced, though the Staffordshire spaniel remains the most widely produced of all dog breeds.

Jul 27, – Identifying fake vs real Staffordshire Dogs. set of 6 pairs of graduated black and White Staffordshire Spaniels that date to the midth century.

Toggle navigation. Click thumbnail to view larger. Antiques Dealers. Antiques for Sale. Advanced Search My Account. Will Rogers advised, many years ago, “Buy land, they’re not makin’ any more of it”. This philosophy is easily applied to the number of true antiques available in any category. However, that does not mean that there are no more look-alikes, later versions, copies, or fakes. Staffordshire spaniels are no exception, and it is in the collector’s best interest to learn how to tell the old from the new, the best from the mundane, and the winners from the also-ran.

There are no hard and fast rules to follow; these charming canines were made by many different potteries in the Staffordshire area of England, they each used their own molds, and their wares were all decorated by hand.

How to Recognize Authentic Staffordshire Pottery

Staffordshire dogs from my personal collection. As I mentioned in my last post, I am certainly no expert in the world of Staffordshire pieces. Now, let me preface this by saying that there ARE exceptions to the rules. So, please, if you have questions about the authenticity of your piece, confirm your suspicions by consulting a reputable dealer who can help you determine if you are correct. Be specific, and wait to receive specific responses that will indicate whether or not it is a piece you are interested in purchasing.

In addition, there are also quite a few other factors that may contribute to determining authenticity, so be willing to hear what a seller has to say before making your final decision about a specific piece.

It will often help you date the piece, as well. These two little dogs, although made from original Staffordshire molds, are not originals. Here is the marking on the.

If all the dogs sold as English Staffordshire were really made of English clay, the island of England today would be about the size of a tea caddy. No other Victorian-era collectible–with the possible exception of Currier and Ives prints–has been so heavily and steadily reproduced as these simple faced cottage canines. In Antique Fakes and Reproductions , one of the first books devoted exclusively to fakes first published in , author Ruth Webb Lee devoted six pages of photographs to new Staffordshire figures.

Copies of Staffordshire dogs are still popular items and stocked by almost all present day reproduction wholesalers. The reproduction dogs have apparently changed very little over the years. Photographs in s catalogs are virtually identical to pieces pictured in catalogs from the pre-WW II years, the s and s. In fact, present day copies look very similar to the fakes Lee described in the s.

Although there are always exceptions, this article offers some general guidelines to help separate 20th century copies from pre originals. The main difference between old and new is that old figures with virtually no exceptions were made in press molds ; new figures are made in slip molds in the process called slip casting Figs. The dime size or larger holes left in the base of slip cast pieces are an easily detected sign of a modern reproduction.

Although some original figures were produced by slip casting, they are extremely few in number. The main difference between old and new is that old figures with virtually no exceptions were made in press molds ; new figures are made in slip molds in the process called slip casting see Figs.

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Staffordshire Approved. Date of Manufacture declared on all Antique Staffordshire. PAIR OF VICTORIAN STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS. £ Dated

The Victorian tale goes that spaniel figurines placed on the windowsill sent out a secret message. A woman would place the ornaments in her front window; if they were back to back, it meant her husband was at home. If the dogs faced each other, it meant her husband was out at sea, welcoming her lover in to the house. The Staffordshire region an industrial area with the towns Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton started in the ceramic business in the 17 th century thanks to an abundance of local natural materials.

Other animal figurines came out of the Staffordshire region, from domesticated dogs to wild animals like zebras, lions, elephants, and more. You can also find figures of people and scenes. Do you own what might be a Staffordshire figure, or are you on the lookout to own one? When it comes to deciding the authenticity of a piece, bringing it to a professional will give you the final word. But using your own common sense will also get you far.

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